Users of our forum have a great opportunity to earn money for their contributions. As much you contribute to our forum, you will earn from us.

Steps to Enroll:
  1. Sign-up/Login first
  2. Post the questions & answers up to your maximum
  3. Work on your leisure time
  4. Enjoy Earnings
Terms & Conditions:
  1. You should post 2000 & above questions & answers to eligible for this program
  2. Questions should start with What, Who, Why, Which, Where, When, Whom, How, Whose, Do, Does, Did, Is, Are, Was, Were, etc...
  3. All the questions should end with a question mark (?)
  4. You Should not Copy Paste questions and answers from other websites, It's Illegal otherwise, you should get banned easily
    • All the questions we have in our mind are all over the internet already, we need to agree on this, so in any way, we need to post the concept of something or someone. But the way of presenting(Grammar) the question and answer must be different from others
    • You should not copy-paste other's content & hard work
  5. The banned users are not eligible for this forum posting reward program
  6. The topic should not be like a 2 or 3 letter word (Ex: Capital of India, Indian economy)
  7. Questions should be like (Which is the capital of India? Or What is the capital of India?)
  8. You can post questions and answers about anything
  9. You can post questions and answers on any topic
  10. You can post questions and answers on any category (Education, Science, Technology, Mobile, Android, Medicine, Politics, Movies, Cinema, Actor, Actress, Agriculture, Farmers, Schools, Colleges, Jobs, Govt Jobs, Computer, PC, Internet, blogging, SEO, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., & so on whichever field you like)
  11. But it shouldn't be the same questions that are posted already by other users
    • To stop spamming the questions with the same repeated questions
    • Use our search bar at the top to search the questions you willing to ask if it is not there already, then you can post your question
  12. The questions shouldn't violate our terms and conditions
  13. Questions must be from the Current Topic/Situation/Scenario in any of the Category/topics that you selected
  14. This reward program is a recurring one
Payout & Results:
  1. You can check your total number of questions in your profile section
  2. You can check the top posters for the month in the member's section of this forum
  3. You will be paid instantly via PayPal
  4. We will announce the results at the end of each month, you don't need to worry about
  5. You can contact us anytime regarding this program
  6. For Payment related queries, contact
Share your knowledge, Have fun & Earn
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